Monday, August 27, 2012

Screamin' Eagle Nut Grabber and Lighted Pick-Up Toolkit

I received the Screamin' Eagle Nut Grabber and Lighted Pick-Up Toolkit as a birthday present from my Mom.  I wish I could have been at the dealership when she went to the parts counter and asked for a nut grabber.  Someone at Harley-Davidson must have a sense of humor because who can say "pass me the nut grabber" with a straight face?

The toolkit is made up of two tools, the nut grabber and lighted pick-up tool.  Turns out that both tools have LED lights to help you find your nuts when they have fallen into dark places.  The nut grabber consists of a hand operated plunger that operates a four armed claw at the end of a flexible shaft.  The LED is mounted directly behind the claw to put the light right were you need it most.  The batteries are mounted in the plunger and when you press in the plunger you are supposed to complete the circuit to turn on the LED at the tip.  Something about the design of this circuit is faulty, because it only turns on the LED about half the time.

The second tool is a much better design.  It is basically a small LED flashlight with a telescoping magnet in the center.  Works just like you would expect, turn on the light and pull out the magnet like a radio antennae.  The last two inches before the magnet are articulated, so you can angle the magnet if needed.

Both these tools will turn out to be useful from time to time, although I imagine there will be more times that I need them when working on cars than on bikes.  I think the lighted pick-up tool will make a good addition to my bike's toolkit since it can pull double duty as a flashlight and a nut retriever.  The nut grabber will be best left in the tool chest in my garage, as soon as I figure out how to fix the light...

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