Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Upgrading to Modern Exhaust Clamps

One of the first changes I made to my '64 Duo-Glide was to install a set of reproduction fishtail mufflers to replace the incorrect turnout mufflers that came with the bike.  I picked up a set from V-Twin Manufacturing and they mounted right up.  The problem was that the exhaust clamps that came with the mufflers were just a hair too big.  In fact, I broke the bolt trying to tighten up the clamp enough to keep the mufflers from rotating.

Looking around the shop, I found a couple clamps off of a late model Sportster.  They were a little wider than the V-Twin clamps and made of stainless steel, so they seemed like a good upgrade.

I slipped one over the exhaust pipe and tightened it down.  Still not tight enough.  To reduce the diameter of the clamp, I removed the center spacer, by first driving the bolt off of the clamp.

Once the spacer was removed, I reassembled the clamp and gave it another try.

This time when I snugged it down it was tight enough to hold the muffler firmly in place.  I rotated the clamp so that the bolt was on the backside of the muffler, keeping it out of the sight of the casual observer.