Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Down Home Harley-Davidson MDA Bike Show

Last Saturday, Down Home Harley-Davidson of Burlington hosted a bike show to benefit the MDA.  I stopped by to check out the bikes and see if anything vintage showed up.  I guess next time, I'll enter my panhead, because only one bike entered the vintage class.

Since I was already there I figured I'd go ahead a snap a few pics of the late model bikes...

Nothing says badass like a creepy doll on the back of your trike.

Spotted these inside, pretty funny for a dealership prank.

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Max Piedra said...

These motorbikes, both the old one and the new ones, are absolutely exquisite. Even if they are simply lined up like that, each exudes an air of elegance and strength. But the red motorbike on the fifth photo grabbed my attention the most. It looks beautiful yet definitely capable to take on different terrains. I can see that it’s pretty functional too. If I can take home any of these motorbikes, that’s definitely the one I’m gonna pick!

Max Piedra

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