Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Clean Bugs Off a Motorcycle Windshield

After returning from a road run early this month, I parked my 1964 Panhead without taking the time to wash off the week's worth of road grime.  The front end was covered with bugs and rear section was smeared with oil and dirt.

Tonight I decided I should at least wipe down the paint and chrome, so it looked half way clean.  Since I waited until the bugs had completely dried, I had to use an old trick to soften them up.  Motorcycle windshields are easy to scratch, so you can't just use a lot of elbow grease to clean off the bugs.  The technique I use involves a wet washcloth and a little time.  I run hot water over a washcloth until I get it piping hot, then squeeze out the excess water and lay it out on the windshield.  After a few minutes of this treatment the bugs will start to soften and can be wiped off.

Next I like to clean the windshield with a good plastic polish like Novus Plastic Clean & Shine and a lint free towel.

You can also use this technique to clean the shield on your helmet or even a pair of sunglasses.  

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