Sunday, September 9, 2012

Carolina Brewery - Biker Brunch

Since May of 2011, the Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro, NC has been hosting a biker brunch on Sunday mornings.  Attendance has been growing steadily over the last year and today's cooler temperatures brought out about 60 bikes.  All different makes and models were present, everything from Yamaha dirtbikes to Aprillia sportbikes could be found spread out across the parking lot.

As always, I had my eye out for vintage bikes and found a few mixed in with the later model bikes.  Soon after I arrived, a fully restored BMW R90S pulled into the parking.  While I was checking it out, an almost identical R90S pulled in right next to it.  The bikes were even the same color.

A little later on, a Ducati Paso 907ie showed up.  These came out in 1991 to compete with the Japanese and  German sport touring bikes.  They were never very popular and production was halted in 1992.

Another rare bike from the 90's to attend was an Excelsior Henderson Super X.   These were produced from 1999 to 2000 with an estimated 1950 bikes built in total.  The rider of this Super X has been hunting down these bikes and getting them back on the road.  He sells them on eBay if your every in the market for a one.  Sounds like with a few modifications, they can be pretty decent bikes.

This gathering was dominated by BMW motorcycles, both touring and enduro styles were most popular this morning.  There were some Harley's mixed in, but besides my Duo-Glide, the oldest ones were from the 1990's.

Of all the different bikes, the most unusual was a BMW GS model with a bike rack on the back of it for a mountain bike.  I guess if the run out of gas, having a spare set of wheels could come in handy.

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