Monday, September 24, 2012

Ray Price Capital City Bikefest

Ray Price Harley-Davidson hosted the 8th annual Capital City Bikefest last weekend.  This was an all weekend event, starting at noon on Friday and continuing all the way to 5:00 on Sunday afternoon.  The festivities were divided between Ray Price's dealership in Raleigh and a four block section of downtown which was closed to car traffic.

I rode out to the dealership first, since I really wasn't sure what part of downtown was hosting the main portion of the event.  Arriving at the dealership, I was pleased to see that there were a lot of bikes and snagged a good parking spot right out front.

As usual, the front parking lot had a few vendors, but for this event they also had vendors in a secondary parking lot behind the dealership.  A quick look around yielded a few vintage bikes mixed into the sea of baggers.  I also snapped some pictures of a couple coontails, just for fun.

Next stop was downtown and a ton more bikes.  By noon on Saturday, bikes had already been parked up and down both sides of the street and they were starting to line them up down the center of the street.  I pulled up right in front of the Full Throttle tent and the editor Mark Infield had his custom servi-car parked right out front.

After talking old bikes with Mark, I headed down to the bike show.  Along the way, I ran across a motorcycle high wire act.

The bike show had the usual collection of chrome laden bikes, but there was an antique class which had about half a dozen entries.

Vintage bikes showed up here and there as I walked around, so I grabbed some shots.

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