Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ortlieb Flight Pack

Almost five years ago, I was looking for a solution for carrying my laptop back and forth to work on my motorcycle.  I needed something that was waterproof and would keep the laptop more secure than just packing it in a saddlebag.  A backpack seemed like it would be the best option and after a quick web search I realized that there weren't that many waterproof backpacks that would be suitable for wearing on a motorcycle.  Then while flipping through a copy of Aerostich's catalog, I spotted the Ortlieb Flight Pack.

It looked like it would do the trick, so I ordered one up.  When it arrived I put it right into service and it performed perfectly for the next four years.  The waterproof TZIP zippers kept everything dry, even in a downpour.  The pack held plenty of gear, but still was comfortable to wear.  Everything was going great until a couple months ago.  Then all the seams decided to start giving way.  Take a look...

Luckily, Ortlieb has a five year warranty, so this backpack is headed back to the factory for a refurbish or if I'm lucky a complete replacement.

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